Saturday, September 19, 2009

HOTS Questions

HOTS questions are really "HOT" to handle ! ! ! Are you agree ?
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21st century skills

21 st century skills are the need of hour?
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Higher Order Thinking Skills & 21st Century Skills

The essential skills needed to be successful in the future go beyond basic literacy. Students must also be able to read critically, write persuasively, think and reason logically, solve complex problems and other such skills, such as those defined by the Partnership for 21st century skills.
Research is clear that instruction that builds upon and encourages higher- order thinking skills results in greater levels of student learning.
Curriculum-Framing Questions encourage students to use higher-order thinking skills, help students fully understand essential concepts, and provide a structure for organizing factual information.
How do you think we can facilitate our students to inculcate such skills and thinking level so that they can face the challenges of world?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Training is good. Isn't it?

Hi Friends, Feeling good about the new knowledge and wonderful concepts of INTEL Learning!
Its really a new experience to learn and apply such things in our teaching. Thanks for updating us Rawat Sir.

Nice Training

Hi members, How are You?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Web-based Collaborative Learning Resources

Web 2.0 (the new Interactive World Wide Web) is transforming the manner in which people all over the world are interacting, communicating and collaborating. Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information. Users can own the data on a Web 2.0 site and exercise control over that data. These sites encourage users to add information and aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing.
BLOG: Short for weblogs, blogs are used to share information and opinions with readers and to solicit feedback and discussion. Blogs often take the form of a journal and are regularly updated with new entries.

1. How as a teacher you find the use of Blog in your work environment and also how it can help students as well? Respond to this blog entry by clicking on Comments below.

Project Based Learning & 21st Century Skills

Project based Learning is one of innovative methodology to enhance students learning and also help studnets connect the knowledge attained in classroom settings with real world. Also it helps in inculcating skills in students which have essential fro growth in todya's knowledge based society. Skills which are known as 21st century skills.

Invite comments on your understanding of the topic and how it can help you as teacher in developing a student centered environment in your classroom.